Dr. Fitrilawati


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Fitrilawati was born in1965 in Bengkulu, Indonesia. In 1988 she graduated from the Physics Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung with a sarjana thesis entitled “Study of polyene chain stability based on phi-electron model with sigma compressibility“ under supervision of Prof. May On Tjia. In 1990, she pursued a master degree at the Department of Physics, School of Mathematics, Physics, Computing and Electronics (MPCE) Macquarie University, Sydney Australia. She obtained a Master of Science (MSc) degree in 1993 with a master thesis of ‘Optoelectronic Properties of Polypyrrole Films’ under supervision of Prof. Trevor L. Tansley. In 1996, she joint a doctoral study at the Physics Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung. As part of her doctoral study, from mid of 1998 until beginning of 1999 she worked with Prof.  Christoph Bubeck on the OPTIMAS (polymer materials for optical switching) project at the Nonlinear Optical Laboratories, Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz  Germany with research topic of ‘Preparation of thin film polymers for optical waveguiding’. She obtained a Doctoral degree at the beginning of 2001 with a doctoral dissertation entitled  ‘Fabrication of thin polymer films for photonic waveguide application’ under supervision of Prof. May On Tjia. From 2001 until end of 2002 she worked with Prof. Wolfgang Knoll as a postdoctoral fellow at the Temasek Professorship Laboratories, National University of Singapore with a research project of ‘Functional conducting polymer’. In 2004, she received a fellowship from the Matsumae International Foundation Japan for doing research at the Biophotonic Laboratory, AIST Tsukuba Japan with topic of ‘Ordered ultrathin film of organic materials’. Her current research is fabrication and characterization of molecular electronic and photonic devices based on the conjugated molecules and polymers.